Send Secure Files Without The Worry!!

SecureIt! File Transfers

Easily Share Large or Confidential Files

Easily share files with web-based secure transfers. Send large files, or multiple files, and replace insecure email attachments. Receive notification when your files are accessed and downloaded.

Your files are safe and secure before, during, and after the transfer process. They are accessible only to end users who provide the appropriate password. Ensure your data is not compromised by unauthorized access or available to prying eyes in random download directories across the internet.

Distribute timely file access with confidence. Safe, secure, and simple.

Secure Communications!

Deliver files to your customers or team members with secure file transfers. Helps you stay compliant by automatically protecting your data, which is encrypted at all times--during the transfer, and while stored waiting for the recipient to access them. Provide peace of mind for internet communications with an easy to use web-based platform.

Authentication Options

Require passwords to verify end user credentials and authenticate file access. Or turn password requirements off for non-sensitive data. Either way you maintain control over who has access, how long your files are available, and how often they can be retrieved.

Strict protocols

Provides file access, file transfers, and file management via secure communication protocols. Private and secure messaging prevents tampering and forgery.

Secure File Transfer Highlights

  • No Recipient Account Needed

    Easily Send to Clients or Customers

    Send files to any user without them being required to have login credentials. Maintain easy access and delivery via user-friendly software.

  • Large File Transfers

    No Limits On File Size

    Send files up to 3GB in size without restriction. (Many email programs allow only 25MB.) Prevent corruption of downloads and ensure data integrity and keep your email free of space-wasting files.

  • Multiple Recipients

    Send Once To Many Destinations

    Users can easily select multiple recipients to receive file transfers. Notification can be turned on or off, and is provided when your files are sent, delivered, and destroyed.

  • Auto File Destruction

    Control How Long Files Are Available

    Files are available for 7 days, or until they have been downloaded. You determine whether files are automatically destroyed upon being downloaded, or if they remain available for the full 7 days.

  • Single or Multi Files

    For Simple or Complex Transfers

    Easily send single files as needed, or send multiple files. When sending multiple files they are automatically added to a single ZIP file which is then sent to the end user. No complex IT requirements and easy to use for all levels of computer proficiency.

  • Customized Settings

    You Decide How It Functions

    You determine how your files are transferred, the security requirements, as well as how long files are available. Users cannot override your settings. Whether you are delivering a link or an email, you maintain control over file availability and when files destruct.

  • Mobile Ready

    Easily Send and Receive Via Mobile Devices

    Your files can be transferred to and from mobile devices. Our system is easy to navigate and quick to learn.

  • No Software Install Needed

    Easily Send to Clients or Customers

    Send files to any user without you or them being required to install any software programs. Maintain easy access and delivery via user-friendly web based software.

  • File Encryption

    Highest Level Security

    Your files are secure by the highest level file encryption. No one will be able to view your files except for the intended recipient, not even us at Triple3. Safe and Secure!

  • Password Protected

    Secure by Default

    You can require passwords as needed for files that must remain secure. Easily turn off when not necessary. Either way your data is encrypted and safely stored and delivered.

  • Custom Branded Templates

    Create Branded Emails

    Send users emails branded with your logo and information. Reassure users they are accessing the right content and deliver a seamless user experience.

  • Drag And Drop

    It Works The Way You Are Used To

    No complicated software. Easily drag and drop files to be transferred into the transfer window.

  • Statistic Reporting

    Know Who and When

    Reports let you know who has accessed your files and when. Confirm your files have been received and settle any disputes that your items were never received.


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