We'll Make Sure Your Data Is Safe And Secure!

SecureIt! Secure Data Services

Enterprise Level Secure Data Services For Everyone

With our data security solutions you can be sure your data will remain safe. Whether you use our data backup service to ensure you never lose important documents and files, or you use our new Encrypted Website Forms to send sensitive encrypted files, you can be sure your data will never fall into the wrong hands.

Your encrypted data is stored and transferred to redundant file systems at our certified data centers. Our data centers employ the highest grade security features, equipment and procedures to keep your private data safe.

Secure Data Backups

Enterprise Data Backup Services For Everyone

With our data backup solutions you can be sure you will never lose your important data again. In other words, we make sure all data is protected! To ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands, it gets encrypted on your own computer or server before it leaves your office to be transferred to our secure data centers.

Encrypted Website Forms

Send and Receive Encrypted Emails Directly From Your Website

Send and receive sensitive data via encrypted website forms and ensure your client and company data is secure. Whether it is medical records, proprietary information, or other sensitive data, encrypted forms maintain the privacy of your company and your clients, as well as keep you in compliance with record keeping regulations.

Secure File Transfers

Easily Share Large Confidential Files

Easily share files with web-based secure transfers. Send large files, or multiple files, and replace insecure email attachments. Receive notification when your files are accessed and deliver without the requirement for client credentials.

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