Remain Mobile and Keep Your Email Synced!

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Sync All Your Devices and Stay Connected!

Deploy the latest Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint in your office environment. Enjoy the collaborative benefits of shared folders, public folders and Sharepoint web services. Utilize ActiveSync technology to keep your Android devices or Apple products in sync with Outlook.

Sync All Your Devices!

Your data can be available on any device, at any time. Make changes on your laptop and see them almost instantly. Always be up to date with the latest changes and forget about scrambling to find your most recent documents.

Remain Mobile, Always!

Mobile technology has advantages, but only if your email and archives can easily be accessed on the mobile platform. We design and utilize email software for mobile applications and ease of use.

Share Your Information!

Collaborate with your team utilizing shared calendars, contacts, and reminders. Synchronize agendas and eliminate missed meetings and being "out of the loop".

Hosted Email Highlights

  • Outlook Anywhere Access

    The Program You Rely On Now Available On Any Device

    No longer are you confined to the desktop when you want to use Outlook. Utilize the program you rely on with the convenience of anywhere access via tablet, mobile, or other internet-connected computers.

  • Microsoft Outlook Available

    The Industry Standard Still Going Strong

    Utilize the full suite of features available in Microsoft Outlook. From Calendar, Meetings, Notes, Email, and Contact Manager, you have access to the tools you need to stay connected and organized.

  • ActiveSync

    Mobile Devices Synced And Up To Date

    All your emails, calendar data, contacts, and tasks are synchronized automatically to your mobile device.

  • Notes and Tasks

    Because Your Team Works Together

    Keep everyone on the same page with information they need and "real-time" updates. See what other team members have accomplished and identify what else needs to be done.

  • Remote Wipe

    Always Protect Your Sensitive Information

    Lost your phone or had it stolen? Remotely wipe the data to protect your company from liability and damages from sensitive information. Our process ensures no one can get access to your private information.

  • Lync Standard or Enterprise

    Unified Communication For The Workplace

    Instant Messaging, online meetings, user availability, and audio and video calling. These are the amazing collaborative features available in Microsoft Lync to give your communication real-time interaction.

  • Email Archiving

    Preserve Every Message and Conversation

    Preserve all your email in both to/from formats. Maintain a searchable file to recover history of communication as well as timestamps and user information.

  • Premium IT Support

    We Are Here For You

    Our support team is available when you need us. We are skilled at quickly diagnosing, troubleshooting, and fixing network or system problems so we can promptly get you back to business as normal.

  • Premium Spam Filter

    Advanced Junk Mail Detection

    Spam email is more than just an annoyance. It is also exposes your network to malware, phishing scams, and viruses. Protect your users and the security of your network with one of the strongest Spam filters available.

  • Directory Link (AD Sync)

    Access For Everyone Who Needs It

    Maintain control over user access to company files and programs. Ensure that your group security and access policies are consistent locally and for cloud-based access.

  • Share Contacts & Calendars

    Centralized Availability For Effective Collaboration

    Build and maintain centralized resources for your entire team to draw from. Avoid the inefficiencies of isolated information and bring all users into the loop.

  • Public Folders

    Easy Access to Necessary Information

    Provide access to necessary files via public folders. You can easily grant access as appropriate by making files and resources available to everyone in your network with the required permissions.

  • Sharepoint Foundation

    Web-Based Collaboration

    SharePoint Foundation integrates Microsoft Office with the SharePoint document management and collaboration program. Give precise control over the sharing and management of your documents, with the freedom of web-based access.

  • BlackBerry® Support

    For New and Classic Models

    Need BlackBerry support? Our servers and network software are capable of integrating with BlackBerry v10 and above using ActiveSync. We offer email, calendar, and data synchronization support.

  • No Setup Fees or Contracts

    Straightforward Transparent Pricing

    Our pricing is not meant to confuse or lock you in to a contract. We openly discuss and document all pricing in a transparent and straightforward manner for all of the premium services we offer.


Supported Platforms:



We also support and maintain POP email accounts for use in certain situations. For additional details be sure to ask your Sales Representative


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