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SecureIt! Encrypted Forms

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Website forms are an effective way to gather information from users whether they be contact forms or surveys. Unfortunately they can also be a source of spam email, rogue malware, and other dangers.

Protect your sensitive data and communication platform by employing encrypted forms throughout your site. Deliver security and ensure privacy to your users as well as your customers.

Encrypted Website Communications!

Private, secure, and without exposure to spam and malware. You can be confident your public facing web forms are protected and secure.

Encrypted PDF Receipts!

Send encrypted receipts for sensitive transactions or privacy requirements. The receiving user will be delivered an encrypted email with the PDF as an attachment. PDF attachments can also be encrypted if needed.

Configurable Settings!

Your level of encryption and access is always configurable. Provide the appropriate level for each and every form or and communication workflow.

Encrypted Forms Highlights

  • GPG Encryption

    Fast And Efficient

    Encryption processes are necessary but can be time-consuming. Our GPG Encryption uses faster encryption algorithms to speed up the encryption process. The end result is you receive the security you need without system slowdowns.

  • PDF or Plain Text Emails

    Easily Encrypt Any Document Type

    Whether you are submitting text-based messages or converting them to PDF documents you can be assured your communications are encrypted with the same security options.

  • Highly Configurable Settings

    Fully Tailored To Your Company’s Needs

    Your level of encryption and customized options are always configurable. Provide the appropriate level for each and every form or and user access.

  • PGP Encryption Keys

    Send Email Confidentially

    Authenticate all of your data communications to ensure secure e-mail communications. You can be confident your digital data is only being viewed and accessed by approved users.

  • Encrypted PDF's

    Control Document Access and Editing

    Easily handle permissions for editing, printing, and sharing data in PDF documents. Maintain integrity of content and an audit trail of any changes.

  • HTML Emails To User and Employee

    Beautiful And Still Protected

    The beauty of HTML email layouts is useful for newsletters and other branding during your business communications. Maintain encryption as appropriate while utilizing this highly effective email format.


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