Stop Worrying, and Never Lose Your Data Again!

SecureIt! Data Backups

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With our data backup solutions you can be sure you will never lose your important data again. We make sure all data is protected! To ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands, it gets encrypted on your own computer or server before being transferred to our data centers.

Your encrypted data is stored on redundant file systems at a primary certified data center. Our intelligent software also allows your encrypted data to be replicated to secondary and tertiary locations configurable in North America or other continents such as Europe, or the Pacific Rim.

Never Lose Data Again!

Restore individual files or your entire system in the event of a major event. Our backup systems works in the background without slowing your work and delivers rock-solid versioning and offsite backups.

Automatic & Unattended!

Stop worrying about when you last completed a system backup. Schedule backup frequency and determine appropriate files. Receive email reports detailing successes or warnings with every backup.

Ultra Fast Backups & Restores!

Recovering files from a backup is fast and efficient whether you are restoring individual files or restoring your entire system. Bring your system up to date and quickly get back to work.

Data Backup Highlights

  • Simple Network Setup

    Easily Connect Your Existing Workstation or Server

    Creating a comprehensive, robust and ultra-secure backup solution has never been easier. You will be able to backup single workstations or entire servers depending on your needs and requirements.

  • Automatic & Unattended

    Always Working Even When You Are Not

    You can be assured our software is working to maintain and protect your backups even when you are away or your system undergoes large changes. Backups adapt accordingly and give you a full report upon completion each and every time.

  • Secure Data Encryption

    Choose Between 128-bit, 256-bit or 448-bit Blowfish

    Our software uses either AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit, or Ultra-Secure Military-Grade Blowfish 448-bit encryption to protect your data prior to being transmitted to our secure facilities using SSL. Since a personal encryption key is chosen by you during the initial software setup, you can rest assured that your data is ultra safe and secure at all times, and only accessible by you. Without the encryption key, no one will be able to access your files, including Triple3.

  • MultiZone Protection

    Your Data Can Be Stored in Multiple Locations for Added Protection

    Our backup service is of paramount importance for a data recovery program. We know that having the protection against hardware failure, theft, virus attacks, accidental deletion, cryptoware, ransomware and natural disasters helps when you know that your data is safe. By default, your data is kept safe in the primary certified data center of your choice on multi-redundant storage systems. Depending on your specific needs, you can have your data replicated to a second or third data center in another geographic area or even on another continent. Our current data center locations are: Atlanta, Silicon Valley, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, and Sydney.

  • Courier Service

    Have A Copy Of Your Encrypted Data Shipped To You To Avoid Downtime.

    Sometimes it is faster to ship an encrypted file to your location than to download your data online. If you have large amounts of data this option can be the quickest way to get your network restored fully to its previous state. Review our Courier Fact Sheet for more information.

  • Self-Healing Archiving Capability

    Automatically Maintain Data Integrity

    Our data integrity maintenance processes constantly maintain the integrity of your data while repairing underlying causes of drive failure. This ability to self-heal provides a healthier data environment and greatly reduces data loss and system failure.

  • Servers, NAS Device, Virtual Machines, Desktops and External HD’s

    We Build Custom Systems For Your Business Needs

    We can incorporate virtually any hardware or virtualizes operating system for your business environment. Let our experienced network and system builders design and build the best solution for your custom requirements.

  • Deduplication

    Save Space And Speed Up Transfers

    Eliminate redundant and repeating data prior to data storage. This service maintains your data in a format that requires less space to store, is faster to access, and greatly improves the efficiency of your system.

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery

    Always Have A Backup Available Locally

    We can optionally keep a copy of your system available locally so that it can quickly be deployed in a virtual environment in the case of hardware failure or other emergencies. Weeks of potential downtime can be greatly reduced to mere days. As in our other backup services, Virtual Disaster Recovery processes run in the background and unattended to be ready in case you ever need it.

  • 24/7 Data Monitoring & Reporting

    Your Data is the Highest Priority to Us

    Our data centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We employ the highest grade security features, equipment and procedures. Our facilities have a low exterior profile and anyone entering the buildings must pass 5 levels of security, including multiple biometric hand geometry readers and sign-in procedure with visual confirmation. We have hundreds of security cameras and biometric hand geometry readers placed strategically throughout the data centers that provide continuously detailed monitoring and archiving of critical areas.

  • No Setup Fee's or Contracts

    Straightforward Transparent Pricing

    Our pricing is not meant to confuse or lock you in to a contract. We openly discuss and document all pricing in a transparent and straightforward manner for all of the premium services we offer.

  • Intelligent Software Included

    Simple and Sophisticated, Plus Everything In-Between

    One of the best features of our software is its diversity. It is simple enough to setup for basic users yet infinitely scalable for even the most advanced user. There's no expensive hardware or additional software required and no more tape drives or laborious manual backup routines.

  • Configurable Settings

    No Business Is The Same

    Easily configure your backup settings per machine or drive. You are able to manage backup frequency, the selection of folders and files, and easily exclude unnecessary files. Make backups as simple or comprehensive as you deem necessary.

  • Private Encryption Key

    Without Your Private Encryption Key, Your Data Will Remain Encrypted And Unavailable

    Rest assured that your data is secure and available to no one but your authorized users and devices. Your data is protected by the highest-level encryption protocols and only available to those you permit.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    Make Sure Your Data Meets Compliance Requirements

    Support for HIPAA and other data protection requirements is available. Ensure you are in compliance and avoid fines or other stiff penalties. We can ensure your system is configured to whatever industry standard is required. Review our HIPPA Fact Sheet for more information.

  • LocalVault™

    Maintain and Manage Copies of Your Selected Data

    Retain local copies of backups for even faster access to previous file versions or restorations. Avoid the delay of online downloads when accessing your data and utilize file versioning control as well as complete system synchronization.

  • Long Term Archiving Capability

    For When You Need An Earlier Backup

    Maintain the ability to restore to a specific date with monthly archives. Long term archiving allows you to add daily backups to a rolling group of backups, often over a period of a month. The oldest backup is removed whenever a new backup is created. This allows you to search for files as they existed on a specific day, or even restore an entire file system to that time period.

  • Bare Metal Restores

    Never Start From Scratch Again

    In case of the worst of disasters or emergencies your data can quickly be returned to operational by quickly being transferred into an entirely new computer hardware system. Whether upgrading to faster hardware or replacing equipment lost in fire or theft, you can be assured your data will be safe and quickly back online.

  • Ultra Fast Backups & Restores

    Bandwidth Loads are Lighter and Backup Speeds are Higher

    Our technology allows for lightning-fast backups. It will track your files and only backup the files that have changed rather than re-uploading files. It also compresses your Data up to 70% of the actual size, and splits bigger files into blocks - meaning that when changes are made, only the specific block is backed up instead of an entire file - super-efficient! Lastly, if you ever have to perform a restore, our software will utilize the same technology that gives us lightning-fast backups to restore your data quickly and get you back in business.

  • No Bandwidth Caps or File Size Limits

    Unlimited Growth Potential

    Never be afraid of running out of space. As your file storage grows and backup data increases you can be assure we will have you covered. Regardless of the size of your total data or individual files our system keeps in sync to always be available if you need it.

  • Premium IT Support

    We Are Here For You

    Our support team is available when you need us. We are skilled at quickly diagnosing, troubleshooting, and fixing network or system problems so we can promptly get you back to business as normal.


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