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Fiber Optics – The Wave of the Future

The copper wires used to transmit communication signals haven’t changed in over 100 years. They’re familiar, reliable…and limited in bandwidth.Enter fiber optic cable — the wave of the future. What makes fiber optics so special? Speed and bandwidth – Fiber[...]

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Future pipes: 4 networking technologies for the future

Technologies that promise to deliver greater network efficiency What will the network look like tomorrow? Although the traffic itself probably won’t change too much, the topology and tools that enable the network will be new and will require network administrators[...]

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Fiber optics of the future: Multifunctionality through multimaterials

Three of the general methodologies for multimaterial fiber preform fabrication. (a) rod-in-tube, (b) extrusion, and (c) stack-and-draw methods. Credit: Tao et al.; IJAGS. Over the last 50 years, optical fibers have moved from novelty to ubiquity. Although we pay little[...]

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