Consulting / Managment

Planing and Optimization

We provide consulting, site acquisition, negotiation and lease contracting, obtain permits, design, civil works, steel structures, power supply systems, equipment installation, maintenance, drive tests, radio network planning and optimization. We provide Mobile operators services for construction and maintenance of telecommunication towers as well as services on antenna alignments, equipment installation and configuration and mobile cell project implementations for their mobile infrastructure.

IT Consulting

Our teams of experts (possessing Manager’s Certificate in IT Service Management) is using IT Service Management Standards & Frameworks which enables the customer’s IT departments to become: Business driven
Focused on continuous business-IT alignment, Delivering IT services at agreed-upon service levels, quality, agility, and cost targets, Using best practices based upon industry standards
The Technical Teams provide the appropriate support to all its customers, regardless of solution.

Project Managment

We focus on providing only the best bonds our clients to long term relationship. We set the quality standards.
Our qualified and experienced staff keeps projects on schedule and within the estimated budget, constantly meeting the project goals.
Our teams manage and coordinate the various phases in the project lifecycle using the proven industry-specific approaches.
Knowledge gained from diverse industry backgrounds enables our group to improve results and enhance project success.


Hundreds of people have gone through specialized trainings within Training Centers or by being part of various project implementations. Trainings are done on request.
The program can be tailored to target vendor certification, device administration and maintenance or specific solution/technology description.
It can be held in our premises, vendor training center, or at customer premises, depending of the program and customer preferences.