Who We Are

Although we have emerged as a relatively new company in the telecommunication sector in Kosovo, our teams are comprised of people with extensive knowledge and experience of more than 15 years in telecommunications industry. In this regard we offer choices that provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the areas of telecommunications, advanced infrastructure, software development, systems integration, technical support and training. We meet current and future needs of clients and will continue to bring new technologies applicable to helping our clients remain successful. Our companies provide solutions based on newest information technologies to address the needs of our clients.

Our companies are licensed under the respective laws of the countries we operate and we offer advanced and secure telecommunications services and IT solutions in Kosovo in general, as well as in the wider region of Balkans including Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Headquartered in Prishtina and partially in Hong Kong, we are a leader in delivering fiber-to-the-home broadband and other fiber optics based communication innovations to mass market, business, government and wholesale customers in the region.

Our Skills


Networking and Telecommunications90%

IP Connectivity Services80%

Mobile Telephony 3g 4g & LTE70%

Radio Design60%


It Systems95%

Smart Buildings76%

System integration and maintenance84%

Software Engineering and Development78%

Consulting / Management

Planning and Optimization71%

It Consulting85%

Projcet Menagement76%



ur company stand for Business Excellence. This is how we deal with every client, from the moment we become involved. That’s the guarantee of our service.


We make our customers more successful in their lines of business. We view the success of a project in terms of a measurable increase in productivity and profitability. This is how we provide our customers with that critical edge on their competitors.


The analysis of ICT and business processes provides information about the customer’s current needs in creating efficient and effective ICT process management. We focus on continuous business-ICT alignment. For continuous optimization, we offer worldleading tools and proven methods.


Our aim, our minimum requirement, and our promise – is excellence. From its beginning, we have achieved a significant lead in expertise by combining technical research and practical experience, and an unfailing commitment to business management and IT-supported methods. Many years of experience have enabled us to develop specialized methodologies and systems skills, reflected in every aspect of our services. We work to preserve and enhance this every day. .


While continuing to build and expand optical telecommunication networks in Kosovo and Albania, through the development of strategic alliances and joint solutions, we are further expanding our reach towards Europe and EMEA countries while offering a wide range of telecommunication solutions, networked IT products, services and expertise, to solutions for security and business continuity on a national, regional and international level.
As the industry continues to evolve toward the world of IP, and the ever-increasing demand for online video, photos, music and IP-based business applications, we are continuing to work on moving the core traffic of Telecommunication Carries and Industries to a pervasive packet switched network based on IP Multi-Protocol Label Switching (IP MPLS) using new-generation routing technology that carries data at very high and reliable speeds and capacities.


With the liberalized Telecommunication market in Kosovo, and the constant need for faster and better ICT services in the whole region the idea for creation of regional state-of-the-art fiber wire-line backbone network offering secure, reliable and high quality IT products and services was born.
Having in mind our main goal to become one of the leading infrastructure services providers in the region our dedicated team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals is acting even faster in providing innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care. Doing it faster and better than anyone else our teams are consistently working on achieving those goals on a day by day basis.
As we continue to break new ground and deliver new solutions, we’re focused on having our clients satisfied with the delivered services and maintaining long and prosperous partnerships with our partners.

Our Partners

Planning and Optimization

It Consulting

Projcet Menagement


Networking and Telecommunications

IP Connectivity Services

Mobile Telephony 3g, 4g & LTE

Radio Design

IT Systems

Smart Buildings

System integration and maintenance

Software Engineering and Development